Spaghetti, linguine, or garbage? A couple of months ago, I appeared on the stage in a community theatre production of “The Odd Couple”. My role was ‘Roy’, one of the poker-playing friends of Oscar and Felix. If you are not familiar with the movie/play, one...

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Turning a 'no' into a 'yes'.  Do you like being rejected? Didn’t think so. I expect you would say no, and perhaps add, ‘Who does?’.Well, Jia Jiang does, or at least he has established a company and made quite the career out of the benefits of...

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It is not personal

Collectors Needed - Joggers Only Need Apply!Let’s face it, most people and organizations don’t want to pay. At the very least, they don’t want to pay on time. There are people in Accounts Payable (the dark side) who may be rewarded for their cash...

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"I have operated in this field for more than 12 years thru many accreditation courses, workshops and sessions…I found it rare to see someone within your caliber in terms of professionalism and dedication."
Jean Chidiac,
Collection Manager,
Bank Audi
"As a Gold Advanced Toastmaster, I can't help myself - I am very picky about speakers – always conducting my own evaluation. Mr. Paulsen was fantastic. He was relaxed, exhibited great timing and demonstrated a wonderful way to get a message across to us. It was Impressive!
Thanks very much."
Carol Crouse,
Credit Manager,
"No excuses! The right training and the right tools and you can eliminate all excuses for being the best you can be, doing the very best you can do. No excuses."
Tim Paulsen
"You delivered a very dynamic, comprehensive collection-specific seminar. Our team continues to use the many techniques provided in your presentation. Your program was a real win for our collection team!"
Craig Burkhard,
Vice-President, Lending,
MacDill Federal Credit Union.
Learning about collections is sometimes as misunderstood as collecting itself. Tim Paulsen's approach leaves the learners motivated and confidant, two essential elements to making effective collections."
Gilles N. Therrien
Manager, Process Excellence Customer Relationship Support
Canada Post

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