This new book reads more like a novel than a standard ‘how to’ for receivables management. Tim has come up with a new approach to learning, provides incredible insight as he makes a passionate call for an understanding of what works. 

Ken Young CCP., CCP Emeritus.

Make lemonade?

You have another option, a better one, when someone hands you a lemon.

Make the best lemonade…ever!

Kevin Hobbs did just that. He was given a choice (some choice, he thought at the time) of a position in Accounts Receivable or completely losing his job with no severance package. On the way to his new location, he shares some of his story with the manager of a lemonade stand.  He hears two words that changes his life.

Lucky you!

Over several months of ‘lemonade & learn’ sessions, Kevin is taught:

  • Collecting money is not the real objective of collections.
  • The content of dunning letters and emails does not matter.
  • Why negotiations should always be a second choice but if selected, how
    to take free lessons from the best in the world when following that option.
  • How ‘F.U.’ could be the most important two letters in receivables management
    …and more.


In-House Program for your reluctant collectors!

ODAR – Other Duties As Required. Perhaps it is a new addition to their responsibilities or perhaps it was always one of the hats they were called on to wear, but folks in sales, customer service or other areas may cringe a bit when called on to follow up with a delinquent customer. 

We contend if one can be successful in delinquency management, they can succeed just about anywhere. After all, think about the objective. To get someone to do something that for the most part, they don’t want to do – and like it! That is a pretty good skill to have.

Our program is designed to not only generate success in delinquency management, but to help the participants with every hat they are required to wear.

Popular topics include:

  • Writing effective email
  • Visitation rights (calling on your customer face to face)
  • Requirements of an effective collection call
  • Dealing with a customer who is irate, even upset
  • Managing all excuses
  • How to persuade first and then negotiate if needed
    …and more

We love training and will travel anywhere in the world to deliver our programs. If you’re interested in starting a discussion, please fill out the contact form below. 

Program for Reluctant Collectors

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