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Not one of ours books, but the one we recommend people read first when they start out in this business of accounts receivable.

Manipulation is considered by some to be underhanded and controlling. However, it is our job, our responsibility to influence people to do what we believe is the right thing, which is to complete their obligations, pay their bills for goods and services on time – as agreed. 

Sure, we are willing to be flexible, that is where all of the following books books come into play. 

You will find a few of the books available in hard-copy via Amazon. All of them are available to download right away as a PDF file.

This is THE book you need to help you collect more, quickly. Letters, e-mail, the telephone call, overcoming excuses and more.

image accounts receivable training

Lessons from Confucius, Nelson Mandela, Sigmund Freud and others – the smartest in the room. How would they collect?

Who lies the most, men or women? You will be a better negotiator when you improve your ‘lie detection’. (A great tip on sex, too!)

image of book panic instructions

Collections is a challenge at the best of times. How about the worst? Here are nineteen (yes, 19) techniques learned during the difficult time of trying to keep our heads above water along with our customers during a pandemic. 

image accounts receivable training

What was a big mistake in your career? 

What was something that worked our really well for you? 

We told some of the worlds experts in credit and collections ‘don’t take all that knowledge with you when you walk out the door. Share. They not only did so, this book is their contribution and is available to download FREE. 

A young man’s organization is merging with another and he is given an option. He is either ‘out of a job’, or he can take a position in Accounts Receivable. 

‘Collections? Are you kidding me’, he asked them. They were not. He figures he doesn’t have much of a choice and becomes ‘the reluctant collector’. He soon leans just how valuable his department is to the organization and how he can be instrumental in their success. 

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