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 by Laurie Gunn
My Collection Guru!

As a new National Credit Manager, I came across Tim, while researching professional Collection speakers that would inspire those in my Engineering firm. I was tasked with taking us in a new direction and knew that someone like Tim would be perfect because our philosophies were the same. Suffice to say he was hired immediately, Tim was amazing, insightful, humorous and approachable. His matter fact yet expert approach was the perfect message for those in our company. Ultimately, the respect for Collections and the impact that successful practices had on the business bottom line was solidified.

That was 30 years ago! Through out my career I have continued to engage Tim as a speaker, consequently he has shared his wisdom with many of my colleagues. He even inspired me to create my own workshop, write the manual and traverse Canada sharing the "news". Every time I conducted a workshop, I credited Tim and promoted him and his books.

He is and always be my Collections Guru!

Thank you so much Tim, I respect you greatly!

 by Michael Morra
Value of emails

Readers: We just contracted Tm Paulsen to assist us with a serious of emails that we are going to apply to auto collections on accounts that are
coming due and past due for payment. The value of these email reminders
is the awareness to the debtors that they should be aware of amounts that are due and the value that the collector will only get involved when the customer gets to a critical stage. We are able to be more efficient offer bigger value to the company and cut costs and possibly reduce the size of bad debt by being on top of customer and keeping their accounts to terms.
This was a brilliant idea that we developed because the way of the future
is technology and we need to be changing the way we do things. I have
an expression which I like to use all the time that " Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash Flow is Reality" The auto generated emails should definitely create the Cash flow we need. I'm available to discuss with anyone is interested you can contact me through Tim Paulsen. Regards Mike Morra

 by Jean chidiac
Head of collection and recovery

Tim is a very professional and creative lecturer He provides collection materials with extreme passion and out of routine approach.
His added value was shown in my team daily activities, where collection perception was turned from a stressy mindset to a funny job where the environment was transformed from a call center to a profit one .
Thanks Tim for everything....looking forward to meet and work together my friend.

 by Rodger Noel
Awesome Credit "Edutainer"

We have enjoyed numerous seminars with my friend Tim. He is Canada's foremost authority on credit and collection matters. His seminars are not only informative, but Tim;s storytelling makes them interesting. He's the best!

 by Rashidah

It was a great experience having Tim & the team as our consultant in enhancing the knowledge of Collection & Recovery. Apart from we acquired the knowledge, we still endured the connection among us through time though we are thousand miles apart. All the best Tim.

 by Timothy Berlando
On Point

i have been a fan of Tim's for many years. While I work mostly on the consumer level, the tips, points and techniques are delivered in a way that can be translated pretty well. Common sense may have died elsewhere, I am glad it's alive in this place. Thanks Tim!

 by John Kim
Entertaining and Knowledgeable

Serving on the Board at the Credit Association of Greater Toronto, I have witnessed firsthand, Tim’s ability to capture an audience with exuberant persona. Tim is very well spoken and incredibly knowledgeable but most importantly, extremely entertaining during his knowledge transfer delivery…never a boring moment. Tim is a man of many talents and I would highly recommend Tim for his amazing seminars and books. John Kim, President, Credit Association of Greater Toronto

 by Lillian Novak
Always a hit.

A fan favorite of my association of credit professionals, Tim never disappoints!

 by David Hopkyns, ACI
Vice President

I have had the pleasure of working with Tim over the past many years. Have always found him to be very professional, conducts excellent seminars, and is the leading authority on accounts receivable management.

 by Geoff Last
Always entertaining

What do you get when you cross an accomplished public speaker & raconteur with a seasoned, networked credit professional? The answer is Tim. Credit & collections can be a somewhat dry topic, but Tim makes it come alive with thought provoking analysis of the science of the profession. Tim is an excellent student of the art of human interaction, and can be counted on to shed a humour & introspection on the profession. Leaves one with much to think about.