New team members to seasoned veterans, sales and customer service – we have the training you need.

New to receivables?

Perhaps you have a newer team, people with less than one year of experience? Our S.M.A.R.T. Collection Seminar, is designed to get them quickly up to speed.

An experienced group?

Maybe your team is seasoned and experienced? We have just the program for you, one that is designed to have your receivables team do better, what they already do well. ZEN and the Art of Accounts Receivable Management is only recommended for those with several years of experience.

People who collect ‘occasionally?

How about folks who wear several hats, ‘other duties as required’ and one of them is for collections? We often ask our sales or customer service representatives to ‘collect’ in addition to their other responsibilities. For them, we recommend you visit our page for “The Reluctant Collector”


I have never seen anyone bring in so much energy and excitement to collection.

Halija Jaya

Acting Deputy Managing Director , Perbadanan TAIB

I have operated in this field for more than 12 years thru many accreditation courses, workshops and sessions…I found it rare to see someone with your caliber in terms of professionalism and dedication.

Jean Chidiac

Manager of Collections, Bank Audi

Upcoming International Locations

Johannesburg in March of 2020 – Speaker and seminar leader at World Credit Congress

September of 2020, Oslo, Moscow, Prague and Florence.

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