Sound familiar?

“Some members of our team are too aggressive. The customers may pay, but they aren’t happy and we may lose future business. Others on the team aren’t assertive enough. We end up last on a list to be paid – if we get paid at all.”

Opposite or contrary forces? We can agree it is a difficult balancing act.

I have never seen anyone bring in so much energy and excitement to collection.

Halija Jaya

Acting Deputy Managing Director , Perbadanan TAIB

I have operated in this field for more than 12 years thru many accreditation courses, workshops and sessions…I found it rare to see someone with your caliber in terms of professionalism and dedication.

Jean Chidiac

Manager of Collections, Bank Audi

Seminars and Keynote Presentations:

Tailored programs of 45 minutes to a one or two days

What is the PaulZEN Method(c) ?

The PaulZEN Method (c) is a unique approach to produce superior results from forces that are actually complementary and interconnected. It is a blend of strategy and techniques developed over a thirty year period and refined in twenty-five countries.

The results? Cool, calm and collected


  • Customers and clients may present ANY excuse for non or delayed payment. You will have the perfect response.
  • Improved productivity with laser-like focus on ‘the now’ to produce immediate and future results.
  • Success in difficult negotiating sessions and with ’emotional’ clients
  • Better collection calls, e-mail and negotiations? No! Why be better when you can be perfect!


Is the PaulZEN method right for my organization? 

If you’re not using The PaulZEN Method, you are not making as much profit as possible and you’re sure not having as much fun. And, if you’re not in business for fun and profit, what are you doing here?

It may be for you if:

  • You want a unique program, developed for your business and for your team.
  • You recognize value in tried and true techniques, but they need a new ‘spin’ for your business.
  • Need long term as well as immediate results.
  • Stress reduction (Get control. How? By letting go!) Tim will explain in person.
  • If there is anything that bothers you more than losing a customer, it is leaving money on the table.
  • Your team will be involved (no passengers, crew only).

It may not be for you if:

  • You prefer an ‘off the shelf’, one size fits all approach to receivables management
  • Believe there is nothing new to learn in effective receivables (Tea cup is full, but we keep pouring.)
  • You take yourself and your business way to seriously.

Ten things needed to improve collections.

1.) Call Tim Paulsen at (416) 691-2648
      and he will look after the other nine. 

How did Tim Paulsen build an effortless program for Accounts Receivable Management? 

It was easy. Just a combination of consulting and programs delivered in 25 different countries over a period of more than 30 years, to an estimated 30,000 participants in both consumer and commercial collections, instil the process into three popular books, Paid In Full, The Reluctant Collector, and Sex, Lies & Negotiation Techniques, as well as several hundred articles on the subject…and continously and passionately strive to improve on a seminar by seminar and day by day basis – easy, like we said. 

Let's get started!

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Today, right now – it is the perfect time. Tim enjoys nothing more than the delivery of a ‘perfect’ keynote or training session and he would love to hear from you!