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We can help. New on the job or with many years of experience, we can help you or your team quickly get to the next level of professional collections.

Do not spend any money on training! Not one dime – until you have reviewed our tough training questions. 

  • Can my company survive without a collection department? 
  • Can my company survive without well trained receivables personnel?
  • What if I give people training and they leave?
  • Is collections an art or a science?
  • Should my sales reps be involved in collections?
  • What is the difference between consumer and commercial collections?
  • Is ‘any’ collection training better than none?
    (After all, it’s not rocket science!)
  • Sales people wear the white hat and collectors the black one, right? 
  • Who are the best collectors, men or women? 
  • Can people be trained from a book or an on-line program? 

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I have never seen anyone bring in so much energy and excitement to collection.

Halija Jaya

Acting Deputy Managing Director , Perbadanan TAIB

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Most people fall into the ‘profession’ and receive little or no training. This is not acceptable when they are dealing with such a large liquid asset, not to mention the time and effort to bring customers on board. You would not hire a lawyer or doctor and give them the training of sitting next to someone, who was trained by sitting next to someone – you get the picture. 

Before they speak to a hard earned customer about a valuable asset, they should receive training: 


  • Real objectives – Collecting and Keeping the Customer.
  • Write letters and emails that are effective.
  • Master the phases of a professional collection call.
  • Overcome excuses.
  • Handle the irate customer.
  • Persuade first, negotiate if necessary.
  • Negotiation skills (after persuasion).
  • Tailor approach to customer ‘type’.
  • Five major mistakes (even by seasoned professionals).
  • Develop a special telephone voice.

Much of our training is with seasoned teams with years of experience. 

World Credit & Collection Congress - Not to be missed

  • The training you need.
  • The price you can afford.
  • Anywhere in the world.
  • Any size audience.
  • Train your trainers.

Talk to us! Small numbers, limited budget? We can talk about a teleseminar or other options.  

The Reluctant Collector

New book on collections reads like a novel: More Information? 

The members of the National Association of Credit Management Connect in Chicago, St. Louis and Upstate New York are singing the praises of Tim Paulsen’s classes, and they have backed that up by incredibly high scores on their evaluations.

Lillian Novak

VP of Education, NACM Connect – Midwest

The seminar in Kuala Lumpur was one of the best I ever attended. Your way of sharing your experience and talent is very practical and real

Adel Abdulla

Bahrain Real Estate Invesement

I have operated in this field for more than 12 years thru many accreditation courses, workshops and sessions…I found it rare to see someone with your caliber in terms of professionalism and dedication.

Jean Chidiac

Manager of Collections, Bank Audi