The Excuse Terminator

This product will not collect your money for you, but believe me, it does just about everything else – giving you the best questions and statements to use helping you and your team to overcome excuses! 

It’s like have your very best collection coach with you – all the time!

Best questions for 95% of excuses

plus…all information is fully editable by you!

  • The cheque needs to be signed.
  • We didn’t receive your invoice.
  • Our customers haven’t paid us.
  • Out of work (consumer)
  • Vacation.

The list goes on. A valid excuse? Sure, sometimes we did not send an invoice or there was a problem with delivery. But, real or imagined, we still need to resolve the ‘excuse’ for non-payment.

Too often, we hang up the telephone and remember a question we should have asked. Never again!



Consumer and commercial files with excuses you can edit or delete as well as add new ones specific to your organization.


Best product to help overcome excuses!

  • Separate files for consumer and commercial excuses.
  • You may edit ALL of the information, add and delete excuses
  • Password protected (you control)
  • Simple program, runs in Microsoft Windows
  • Set up on a server and have all of your team singing from the same hymn book

$25 per user