What a wonderful world when we don’t even have to wait five minutes to try and make it a better place. 

Ann Frank

From the diary of...

Perhaps about now, you have been thinking of starting off the new year on the right foot, perhaps a resolution or at least a commitment to make the world a better place?
I’m not sure about the world, but perhaps you can join me in trying to make a section of the world for my long time friend, Wayne Jackson, a slightly better place. You will find all the details in the page organized by Tony Gaito (another friend, all of us were in grade 8 together (a long time ago it seems, in a galaxy far, far away).
How much? While I am tempted to say any amount would be appreciated and put to good use by the family, and may not even be missed or noticed by you…truth is, a contribution like this is supposed to be noticed, maybe even hurt – just a little bit. So, pick an amount that is ‘just on the edge’ of being noticed and add a couple of dollars to it. Great way to start the year, eh?
P.S. When you make your donation, a section will come up on the % to the go fund me platform. You’ll have a choice of a percentage that goes to them, but you can also select ‘other’ and put in your own amount.
P.S.S. For my friends in Quebec, you may notice that Wayne is leaning against a Toronto Maple Leafs pillow. Don’t hold that agains him, a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, as if he didn’t have enough trouble in this world, eh?

For information on the Wayne Jackson family and to make a donation, please click here.