It has been said there are only two certainties in this life, death and taxes. Respectfully, we will add another – our ZEN Collection training program is the best ever…so good that we stand behind it with a guarantee: If you’re not happy, you don’t pay.

Here’s the deal.

You lend me your receivables team. I’ll give ‘em back in three to six hours but not in the same condition, they will be much more effective than they are now:

  • They will be able to write shorter, more effective email
  • Their arsenal will include a minimum of ten different approaches to use with a customer who may be irate, perhaps angry or abusive
  • Shorter telephone calls with better results when they master the three phases of a professional collection call.
  • Every member of your team will understand and be able to use the SAGE Excuse Terminator* for dealing with each and every reason for non-payment or delay given by your customers. This includes those ‘unusual’, never heard before’ excuses!
  • Better negotiators? You bet! They may not be masters at the end of the program, that comes later, but they know the difference between persuasion and negotiation and when the latter is called for, win much more in negotiations for your organization than ever before.

Too good to be true? Not at all. And we’re so confident of the results – they are guaranteed! You don’t pay unless you are satisfied.

Want to hear how it works?

  1. We tailor a program to suit the needs of your team and organization.
  2. Our proposal will include an agreed invoice ‘if you are fully satisfied’.
  3. Your ‘skin in the game’ is only travel expense, if applicable.
  4. After the program and de-brief, we will invoice all, partial or none – as you decide.

Crazy? Like a fox. We’ve never had a client not satisfied with our training sessions and we’re not about to start now.

Shall we begin? Just get in touch via our Contact page and say you want to talk about best training – ever!.

*SAGE (Solving Answers, Generalizations and Excuses).

The fine print?

We do vet our clients before offer of “Full Satisfaction Guarantee”.Find out if you qualify.