Looking for a great book on Collection Techniques?

An experienced collector, international consultant and trainer tells you how to:

  • master the three phases of a collection call
  • never be thrown by an excuse again
  • write dynamite collection letters and email
  • deal with irate customers
  • use special negotiation techniques for collections
  • hire top-notch collectors and get the best results
  • develop a special voice to use during a collection call
  • work with your sales team….and much more!

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Paulsen raises the mundane, often thankless job of credit collector to the level of a profession. This book contains numerous tips and strategies to help a new collector become expert in a couple of hours. How did the Sheriff of Nottingham ever manage to collect from those wiley serfs and villains without having Tim Paulsen’s book handy?
…John Owen, Principal, Omega-One Ltd.

Need to overcome excuses? Sure you do!

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