Paid In Full



“An excellent resource for the professional just starting out, as well as the seasoned executive who needs to update his or her skills. This book is not only informative, it holds the reader’s attention through its many real-life examples and ancedotes.”

…Mary Ludwig, Editor, Managing Credit, Receivables, International Association of Management Accounting.


Looking for a great book on Collection Techniques?

An experienced collector, international consultant and trainer tells you how to:

  • master the three phases of a collection call
  • never be thrown by an excuse again
  • write dynamite collection letters and email
  • deal with irate customers
  • use special negotiation techniques for collections
  • hire top-notch collectors and get the best results
  • develop a special voice to use during a collection call
  • work with your sales team….and much more!

Click on the following link to view and download a sample from the first chapter: Paid in Full 34217 (sample)

Paulsen raises the mundane, often thankless job of credit collector to the level of a profession. This book contains numerous tips and strategies to help a new collector become expert in a couple of hours. How did the Sheriff of Nottingham ever manage to collect from those wiley serfs and villains without having Tim Paulsen’s book handy?
…John Owen, Principal, Omega-One Ltd.