During a recent program on “Smart Collections”©, I was reviewing a letter writing assignment from a student, an assistant vice-president at a bank in Southeast Asia. There were a lot of them at the program; I don’t mean banks – but “assistant vice-presidents”. Almost seems like, “we won’t give you a raise, but we’ll make you an assistant vice-president”. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Could you take a pay cut and go for the vice president title?

The student’s revision did not contain the suggestions offered during the program and included words and phrases that I suggested should be eliminated. He said, “I have been using this letter for the last sixteen years and it has always served me well. I don’t see any reason to change it.”

Fair enough, we like to stick with what works and most of us know the saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, yet…it occurred to me then that it may not be what we do that gets us into as much trouble as much as what we don’t do. Evolution has taught us: adapt and take advantage of changing circumstances or put yourself up on the shelf with the Dodo bird, Tasmanian wolf and other extinct species.

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One of the pillars of credit granting is conditions. What are they, what is changing and will our clients…or we be able to survive or even to thrive?

I attempt to walk the talk as well, taking one thing from every seminar, something that I like and believe works well and try to change and improve. It’s not easy to give up what makes us feel comfortable.

How about joining me? See if you can’t fine ‘just one thing’ during this week, something that you use and like as a technique that you can examine, take apart and put back together in a way that will serve you better.


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