Perhaps you have been thinking of a training program to improve your accounts receivables team. There may be some hesitation, after all it is a fair investment of time and money.

Well, you would not buy a car without taking it for a test drive or kick the bumpers, you would not buy a house without a visit or an inspection. We are confident enough in our SMART Collection Program © that we are willing to take a risk and offer a one-day program, potentially free.

Here is how it works:

  1. Up to as many as 25 people in a one-day training program. (More on the subjects later.)
  2. We will set a date that works for us both.
  3. Program conducted.
  4. After the program, we send you an invoice. (You would know ahead of time how much it will be, no surprises.)
  5. Then, the decision is yours to pay the invoice in full, in part, or should you so decide, not at all.

Is there fine print? Yes. We are confident and competent, but we are not naïve.[1]

The Rules:

  • The program may be held anywhere in the world. We have delivered successful collection and negotiation training programs in 25 countries.
  • This special offer is limited to new organizations where we have not yet had the pleasure of conducting a training session. (If we have worked with you before, you already know the value of our programs.)
  • The final decision, for full or partial or no payment, will be made by an individual within your organization.
  • We will request some information about your organization for us to conduct our due diligence. (Like we said: confident, but not stupid.)
  • There is no charge for travel for a program in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Outside of the GTA, travel expense applies and is invoiced and paid before the program. The travel expense is not ‘waivable’.

How do you get started? Just call, (1) 416.691.2648 or send an email and we will get started on the next step. Exciting, eh?

The most popular topics with our clients include:

  • How to write emails that are both read and effective
  • Master telephone collection techniques
  • Handle any (yes any) excuse for non-payment
  • Use, on a daily basis, the right balance of being assertive
  • Develop a special voice to use on the telephone
  • Never make the two big mistakes of collections – again!
  • Handle the ‘irate and difficult’ customer
  • Working with the sales team
  • Become a master collection negotiator


[1] By the way, this is not our first time we have made such an offer to potential clients. We have a lot of confidence in our programs and are proud to mention we have never had a client not pay us in full.