A Webinar is a excellent alternative to a public or in-house program.

Why a webinar? It may better suit your needs on a number of different levels:

  • No travel. Take the session in your office or home – in your ‘jammies’ if  you like!
  • Tough to beat the cost. A full one hour ‘jam-packed with tips & techniques’ program for only $60.00.
  • Attend just yourself, bring a friend…bring a lot of friends!
  • Includes major topics of: 3 phases of a collection call, overcoming excuses, special voice to use on the telephone.
  • Free copy of “Paid in Full” (ebook version).

Your requirements:

All you need is an internet connection and speakers on your computer. You don’t even need a computer, you can just attend via telephone as an option!

September 19, 2012 – Webinar –

Webinar - Register & pay

For a one-on-one webinar or just for your company/association, please contact us.

NOTE: Please sir, can I have more?

The PACE Program, with modules for consumer or commercial, is an on-line study program, as long as six months, for students to earn their designation from the International Centre for Professional Collections as a C.F.C.P. (Certified Financial Collection Professional).

If you want to be ‘real good’ and ensure that others know you are, then perhaps the PACE Program (c) may be your best option. Click here to find out more.