World Credit Congress – March 10, 11, 2020

Johannesburg, South Africa

The distance? Yes, it may be a bit of a journey for some, but well worth the investment of a few hours of flying time. 

Remember – The best experts in the world for two days, plus a bonus day of workshops!

Ten reasons to attend the WCCE in South Africa?
  1. Listen and learn from the best experts in the world on the subjects of credit and collections. 
  2. Check a visit to Africa, off of your bucket list.
  3. Tim Paulsen’s presentation, “Is the Great White North going South?” Worth the airfare on its own, according to Tim 🙂
  4. Visit The Apartheid Museum, Go on a tour of Soweto. Both are highly recommended and not to be missed. 
  5. Work the room! Chance to make contacts with with like-minded individuals like yourself, exceptionally valuable for your career. 
  6. Bonus day on March 12 of full-day workshops with two world experts. Choose to attend one of two sessions, either world trade credit or best collection practices. 
  7. The venue, The Indaba Hotel, is in keeping with the African spirit! Award winning facilities and a convenient location. 
  8. A wonderful chance to either use up those air miles you have been accumulating, or to build them up for your next trip? 
  9. Put your tracking and hunting skills to work! Some of the best experts in the world are held captive in this beautiful venue for three to four days. Get your best questions together and hunt down and snare the expert you need. Capture and release, but not until he or she shares the answers you need!
  10. Your contribution to raising the level of the profession. One can remain at their own location, eyes down, blinders on, and be part of the problem. Or, travel and attend a professional conference and be part of the solution. We contend further, when attending the ‘best’ conference on credit and collections in the world, one becomes the solution.