Ugly customers come first!

ugly angry customerIn this day and age of sophisticated scoring modules, many of us in receivables are presented with the first account to be worked once we sign into the system.

A lot of effort, time and money went into the display of that ‘first’ account and while there is value, one should not forget the sage advice of author Mark Twain.

He said if you eat a live frog the first thing in the morning, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing it is the worst thing that will happen to you that day. The frog was not so much the biggest task facing you, but certainly the most disdainful, the one that may leave that bad taste in your mouth. Get it done, get it out of the way. “If you have to eat two frogs,” he added, “eat the ugly one first.”

In receivables, we have more than our share of frogs and let’s face it, some of them not too pretty. Let’s not put it off, choose the ugliest (you can have some fun with this), give them your immediate attention and then better enjoy the rest of your day.

image office line upMind you, if you can handle a bit of insight, if there is a long line of employees or co-workers lining up outside of YOUR OFFICE first thing in the morning…it may be time for a heart to heart with a relationship/motivation coach, ’cause if one person calls you a horse’s rear end there isn’t a lot of concern, but more than five? It’s time to buy a saddle.