Feel the love from your boss?

Take one thing and it is plagiarism. Take a lot and it’s research! Martin Sher, author and CEO of AmSher receivables management recommended an excellent book to me, “First, Break All the Rules”. There were a number of important questions to determine successful organizations and I have taken some liberty and adapted to Accounts Receivable.

Do not be daunted as an individual or as a team if the answer is ‘no’ to a lot of these questions. Take comfort in that you are not alone but also rejoice in the challenge ahead. Don’t try to tackle them all at once. Choose one, something you can do/influence today or within the next week.

For those of you who may be interested, we have an upcoming seminar in Toronto, October 8th (discount and gift to Tippers) and some information on the great new product “CollectABILITY Index”.

The Ten Questions:

1.       Do I feel I have the backup of management?

2.       Do I know what is expected of me?

3.       Is direction for collection performance consistent?

4.       Can I and others quickly answer what we should do if a client says, “I want to speak to the boss?”

5.       Do I have the equipment and other materials I need to do the best possible job?

6.       Do I hear about it if I do a really good job?

7.       Do I feel challenged with my assignments?

8.       Does my team leader, supervisor or manager care about me as a person?

9.       Do my co-workers care about their work – do they hear about it if below expectations?

10.   Do I have the opportunity to learn and grow in this job or others?

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