One book?


“A Tattooed sailor!”

That was the response from Mae West*, a well known actress from a number of years ago to the question:

“If you could only take one thing to read on a deserted island, what would it be?”

Many of us would recommend a number of books that should be read by anyone who wants to get good and stay that way in the profession of collections. Indeed, it would not be difficult to come up with a list of ten. But, let’s face it, most people won’t read three or five, let alone ten.They might read one.Which one would you recommend?

That was my question to some specialists in the field and to the readers of “Tim’s Tips” a monthly newsletter. My question to them was, “if someone was only going to read one book in this business what should it be”?

I told them the only restriction was that if they were an author, we would not recommend our own books.

Here are the answers:

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie was recommended by several people, including Rosie Moore and Tim Paulsen.
  • First, Break the Rules by Marcus Buckingham was recommended by Martin Sher.
  • Emotional Intelligenceby Daniel Goleman is a must, says Luis Eduardo Pérez Mata, for those who take this profession seriously.
  • The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkeywas written by Kenneth Blanchard, William Oncken Jr and Hal Burrows. According to Declan Flood, it is the book that has had the greatest impact on his career and he recommends it to every credit controller and aspiring or current manager.
  • Elements of Influenceby Terry Bacon was recommended by Steve Coyle.
  • Eats, Shoots, & Leavesby Lynne Truss was top of the list from Len Sklar.
  • The Accent of Money by Neil Ferguson was recommended by Simon Dombrowski.

*Ms. West had a rather interesting personna, perhaps she could be called the Madonna of her time.

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We’re busy!

Sure, we have a lot going on in our lives but education never stops, ever…and we are not on a deserted island, we can read more than one book to get good and stay that way.

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