How’s that for a new year’s resolution?

Early last month I was visiting a client and reviewing their training. I discovered their sales people received several weeks of classes, one-on-one and working with a senior and seasoned partner before they were allowed to call on a customer ‘solo’. One of their accounts receivable representatives went on maternity leave and was replaced by a young woman from accounts payable. When I asked what kind of training she received I was told, “She didn’t need it. She already knew the system.”

How many times have you walked out or at least didn’t return to an organization because of employee incompetence or worse, dealing with someone who didn’t care?

When you are dealing with a delinquent customer, they can be MORE valuable than a sales prospect. After all, they’ve already proven they will buy your product, now we just have to get them to pay for it AND want to return and do business with us again. Most of us know the stats. It can cost six times as much to replace a customer as to get a new one.

Professional and well trained collectors know that it is the money AND the customer.

We can help with a short video and a test and there is good news.

  • It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes
  • The information is very good

Better news?

  • It’s free!

You may want to call it a policy, guideline, a rule but implement the following for your business (even if it is just you and yes, it includes sales:

“Nobody is allowed to speak to a customer about a delinquent account until they have passed testing for Accounts Receivable 101.”

A surgeon once said that he could teach someone how to take out an appendix in less than a half hour. But, to teach them what to do if something went wrong, could take several years. Getting good in collections and staying that way takes more than fifteen minutes. You will find information on our site and I am sure you may find others offered in your area. But that takes a budget as well as time and a course may not be available for weeks or months and you need something now.

Fifteen minutes and free. Not a bad investment when you consider what can be lost.

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