Something old, new, borrowed and blue!


You have heard him before!

A special program developed for an audience
where Tim Paulsen has the pleasure of speaking
in the past. 

Something Old? 

Golden highlights of the best techniques, perhaps heard by ‘some’ of the audience before, but of special value to others.

Something New?

Cutting edge ‘new’ content!

Something Borrowed?

Take from one source it is plagiarism. Take from many, we call it research! I’ll share some thoughts and strategies, the best of them, from International Experts.


Something Blue?

Lifted and improved from Tim’s latest book, ‘Sex, Lies and Negotiation Techniques’. Fun and useful, but
nothing off colour.

Tim Paulsen has delivered programs in 25 different countries and….well, we presume you don’t need the full bio for Tim, you have had him speak at your organization in the past.

Some speakers say it is easier to find a new audience than come up with new material.

However, if Tim loves anything more than creating new material, it is to re-visit an audience where he has spoken before.  “It is a bit like a second or third date”, Tim says. “The awkwardness of the first meeting is in the past and if you’re getting together again, you can figure you like each other at least a little bit and can really begin to communicate.”


I would be honored to have the challenge and pleasure of speaking to your organization again. 

Tim Paulsen