image of silence“If a collector speaks in the forest and there is no debtor there to hear him, can he collect?”

Knowledge of TOS (the other side) is always a good idea and I mentioned the same in the last post about Nelson Mandela.

One of the books I suggested for us in the Receivables business has the quirky title of: “I Avoid Creditors and You Can Three”. The author recommended that a good strategy can be to have no contact at all with a creditor. “If you can’t pay,” he says, “what is the point in talking?”

We will face this situation often, perhaps as a well thought out strategy or simply embarrassment and avoidance by  the debtor. Our programs, like many others, focus on overcoming objections. First however, we have to get the debtor into the forest to hear what we have to say.

Consider one of two actions:

a.) If someone figures they can get several weeks or even a month or two before escalation – don’t wait. Take that action now, which may even be a referral to a third party.

b.) Deliver a different message to your debtor. “Short of funds? It happens and we can work with you. However, it we do not have contact, the chance to speak with you and find out about your situation, other and immediate action may be taken. We have heard many situations before, some of us have been there too. Won’t you give us a chance….etc.

By the way, if the image used in this post reminds you of the Ashley Madison web site, it is quite intentional. On their home page it says “secure site” and we know how that worked out.Silence indeed!

Pithy Quote of the Month:
“Sometimes people who don’t talk are the ones who need to the most.”
…Tim Paulsen