sam roberts bandIn a recent interview, Sam Roberts of the Canadian band of the same name was talking about listening to an ‘outside’ expert brought into help with their work. The outsider listened to a song and then said, “It’s all right, but it could be better.”

Sam admitted it ‘hurt a bit and then went on to describe how he sucked it up and agreed to ‘try’ some of the recommendations. In the end, he said,  you may decide not to use every suggestion, but you would be a fool not to give them a try.

The Sam Roberts band is very good, have been for some time, but they’re going to be much better.

How about you or whoever makes the collection calls from your firm. Have you brought in any outside ‘ears’ lately? It does not have to be fancy nor expensive – but do make it from outside your department – maybe you can ‘pal’ up with another firm?

If you are interested, we are offering six can evaluations at no cost. Could be me or Stacey Conway out of Winnipeg or Krista Walsh from P.E.I.

How to get on the list?

Send an email to:

At the end of this post, I’ll post the slots as they are taken.

Pithy Quote:

“If you want to be famous, run down the street naked and you’ll make the news or something. But if you want your music to be your livelihood, then play, play and play! Eventually, you’ll get where you want to be.”
Eddie Van Halen

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