We know the value of stretching and warming up before any exercise or sporting event, getting our body ready for what it’s going to be asked to do.

What about your work? Too many of us pick up a telephone or walk into a meeting and haven’t taken the time to get our ‘head’ around the upcoming task or assignment. I know we’re busy and don’t have the luxury of ‘getting it together’ for every task, but you can do it for a few, maybe just your A1 for that day.

But, don’t warm up too early! If the exercise class doesn’t start for two hours, you don’t want to spend 120 minutes ‘getting ready’. Same for work. If you’ve got some battles looming on the horizon, don’t tense up too soon.

I’ve started a habit of taking 2 to 5 minutes each morning to choose ‘one’ task for that day that I’ll complete it to the absolute very best of my ability. The end result may not be as good as someone else could do – but it will be ‘my best’. (By the way, I print it out too, large font and capital letters.)

Don’t try to excel at everything on your list. Ain’t gonna’ happen and it’s no fun.

How about you? What will you excel at today?