The Story:

A long, long time ago, the Financial World was in an age of Chaos.

In the midst of this chaos in a little kingdom in the land of Indamail, where debt was only paid according to the whims of individuals and companies, true and fair organizations found themselves surrounded by the Dragon Regulatoria and his evil henchmen. It was more serious than being able to thrive. If terms were not met as agreed, a slow starvation was possible, perhaps even inevitable.  What could they do? But wait! All was not lost. A plucky financial apprentice appeared. His name: Monny Pashdew.

Possessing a sense of justice and determination, the young Monny develops knowledge and character as he selects and hones items and tools while creating alliances. His challenges include::

  • The Evil Witch Apathia who casts the spell of ‘debtor amnesia’. Monny has to master effective methods of poking and prodding to awaken and bring action
  • The mysterious vanishing invoice that no matter how sent to customers – never seems to arrive.
  • The Wizard FOB*, who tries to freeze Monny into inaction with his announcement of ‘Don’t you know who I am! (*also known as ‘friendoftheboss’)image dread wizard FOB
  • Chained to the mast of a ship and forced to listen, much like the mythological Greek Hero Odysseus, the vile demon Poddymouth Rankor hurls invective and abuse at our hero. The path to financial redemption is narrow. Will Monny keep his balance or a too quick or ill considered response lose the quest?
  • Shipwrecked upon the shores of the island of Agencia, Monny must memorize and use magical incanations passed down from the Fairy kingdom of Miranda to open the doors of resolution but also avoid the traps and pitfalls set by the Dragon Regulatoria and evil henchmen, ever present with magical devices to record conversations and ensure failure.
  • Civil War erupts in the Kingdom of Indamail  between the islands of ‘Sales’ and ‘Credit’, whose inhabitants firmly believe they have right on their side. One of the tribes has the rally cry of ‘who’s side are you on’ and the other who refers to them as ‘sales prevention’. Monny must try not only to build and maintain a bridge of understanding between the two islands, but one of prosperity.

Can Monny complete the quest – save the organization? No, he can’t. At least not as he is now. He can’t do it alone and he must ‘level up’.

Magic Formulas:

In a treasure chest are three ancient manuscripts containing formulas and spells needed during the quest. Designated to be read in order, they include:

  • “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (Dale Carnegie)
  • “Paid in Full” (Tim Paulsen)
  • “You Can Negotiate Anything” (Herb Cohen)
    Points for each book: 50
    Bonus when all three: Add another 50


Selection of “The Excuse Terminator” to overcome reasons given by debtors as well as to be safe from the machinations of Regulatoria.
Points for having “The Excuse Terminator”: 50
Points for tailoring the information: 250


The evil witch Apathia and the plague of ‘debtor amnesia’ conspire to ensure failure if contact is not made. Monny must use the tools provided: Pens, pencils, keyboard, telephone, software.
Points for having available: 15

Toolbox Training:

A knife may serve or cut, depending on whether you grasp it by the handle or the blade. Not only must Monny use the tools, they must be maintained and deployed under the right circumstances. or the organization is doomed. Successful training of communications devices will range ranges from one-day program to full certification with on-line studies, testing and assignments.
Points for each one day of training:25
Certification: 150

Create and maintain Alliance:

Monny discovers he is not alone. Contact can be made and secrets shared with like minded individuals. There truly is strength in numbers.
Point for joining: 15.
Points for active participation: 100

image sleeping dragon consequences

So, why the quest? What’s it all about?

Any decent book or training program on Accounts Receivable will teach that you need to make contact with your debtor/customer, ask them to pay and then to offer solutions to overcome any reason given for delay.

When you make it relevant and fun, people pay attention. Perhaps we have proved it just with your visit?

image level up

We and every member of our team will need to ‘level up’ not only to be successful but to survive. What say you? Should we put our ‘game face’ on and follow the lessons of “The Quest of Monny Pashdew”?

P.S. Are you interested in joining the quest? A program can be tailored and delivered to your team or conference. The longest journey and quest both begin with a single step. Just fill out the contact information and let us get started.