Excuse Terminator


Best product ever – for handling excuses

  • $39 per user
  • Unlimited use (one organization) for $199.00

Eliminate excuses. Is it possible?

Yes! You and any member of your team can be ready for ANY excuse that one of your customers is going to toss in your direction. Check in the mail? Boss or bookkeeper away? Someone off ill or another person out of work? Bankruptcy being considered or maybe a storm, flood or hurricane?

It does not matter, not with The Collections Excuse Terminator © – your collection coach is there with you, ready to help – 24/7 – with the best questions and most effective statements.

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You may want to set this great software product on an individual computer or put it on a server to be accessed by a full team.

Includes two files, consumer and commercial. The best questions and statments are included, but you can tailor the information
to suit you and your business.

excuse terminator software for accounts receivable


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video?

The Collections Excuse Terminator ©

  • Created and developed by experts in the field
  • Modified and sharpened over many years
  • Custom-built & tailored – Add, edit & delete
  • Add logo & clip art – chance to be creative
  • Include policy & procedures, other important information
  • Add files! Create your own
  • Teams have all the right information – immediately
  • Price per unit is lower with a volume order
  • Available for unlimited use within your firm – and you may want to install and run several versions – Customer Service, Sales


Technical ‘stuff’:

Your technical department may be interested in the following information about this application.

  • It is a native application that runs on MS Windows
  • Does NOT require any prerequisites like .NET, Java or other libraries
  • It is quite small in size and system resources usage
  • Does NOT contain any scams, viruses or hidden features
  • Installer for easy deployment
  • Also an un-installer to completely remove all application related fields

Additional information

Number of users

Single user, Two users, Three users, Four users, Five users, Six users, Seven users, Eight users, Nine users, Ten users, Eleven users, Unlimited users in single organization