If you’ve been in this business of collections for a period of time, you are good…and you are bored.

accounts receivable training debt collection training

After months and perhaps a few years in the business, you know collections. You’ve heard the stories – all of them. (It would be nice to have a dollar for every time you heard it’s in the mail, wouldn’t it?) You have the t-shirt and the video and if the movie studios ever decide to do a remake of “The Collector”, your name is on the short list.

It takes a lot of talent, not just to do the best work, but to be fresh and enthusiastic – ‘cause we know that it isn’t just what we say, but how we say it. Easy? No it is not. When you are speaking to the 21st customer that morning, it is difficult not to sound like you’ve had them on the line 20 times already that day.

But if it was easy – they wouldn’t need a professional. Anyone can do the best job when they ‘feel like it’. A professional does the best job – period.

Operation Fresh Start:

  1. Register and attend a collection seminar. I don’t care how long you’ve been in the business – education never stops.
  2. Go to the dark side. Attend a program for Accounts Payable. Put on their shoes and go ‘walk about’.
  3. Take some time over coffee or lunch to remember what it was like and how you approached your very first day on the job as a collector.
  4. Write a one-page training program for someone who is new to the business of collections in your organization. List for them the top five mistakes they should avoid.
  5. Pick out one of your accounts – always a day late and a dollar short and devise a new ‘never tried approach’ – just for them.
  6. Find someone in your organization or out who has absolutely no experience in collections. Describe a situation and ask them what they recommend.
  7. Stretch your performance. If your standard is talking to 20 customers in one day, give yourself a target of 25. (Without a sacrifice in quality.)
  8. Recommend three changes in your department that will improve performance or job satisfaction – bonus if you can do both.
  9. Put on your debtor’s shoes. Have an associate call you to try and collect.

10. Post a slogan – just for you or department – every day to help with motivation.

It’s all motivation of course and it may not last long, but it’s like washing your socks. The effect is short lived, but it’s a good idea just the same.

All right? We can help you with #1 if you are in the Toronto area. A collection program is scheduled for November 25th. Details at: www.trpaulsen.com/upcoming

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