Play it again, Scam

Listed as number 28 on AFI 100 greatest movie quotes of all time is, “Play it again, Sam” from the 1942 Oscar winning, Casablanca. Part of the plot revolved around Humphrey Bogart, who had been taken advantage of once and it wasn’t going to happen again.

We think we are inoculated, (once bitten, twice shy), but be careful, the scammers, if nothing else, are very clever.

At a conference yesterday for the Credit Association of Greater Toronto, one of speakers was Jessica Gunson, an Intelligence Researcher/analyst with RCMP. One of the scams she talked about was one I call ‘The Casablanca’. Scammers, believe it or not, will contact the very same people they scammed in the past and do it again.

The first time may have been along the lines of: “We are your bank and have noticed some unusual activity, please contact us/send information.” They get numbers and passwords and away they go.

Next time, they may claim to be from the fraud department of that same bank. “We are investigating the theft from several months ago and need your assistance.” They get numbers and passwords and away they go, again.”

Another top 100 movie quote, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” is from “The Godfather, Part II”. The more you know about TOS (the other side) the better. Improve your knowledge of scams and scammers by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and also search for and download a (free) copy of the Little Black Book of Scams.

If you are outside of Canada and don’t have a similar site – visit ours. We’re Canadian – we share – and besides, scamming knows no borders.

In case you are wondering, nothing specifically to do with collection of accounts receivables, but goo information to know and share.

Pithy Quote of the Month:

“Play it Sam.”
…The ‘real’ quote from Rick in Casablanca. He did not use the word, ‘again’.