image opportunityWe may have a great opportunity to work together in the very near future!

My travels are taking me to or near your location. You may be interested in one or more of the following:

  • A half or full day session on “S.M.A.R.T. Collection Techniques” to your team. This popular program has been delivered in 23 different countries.
  • You could invite other non-competing firms to send some participants to reduce costs and enrich the experience.
  • Some of my clients have sponsored a seminar and invited their clients, and most importantly their potential clients to attend. There is a lot of business generated from ‘added value’.
  • A joint venture program has been successful with many associations. They promote, I deliver, we deduct venue costs and then split remaining 50/50. Click here to see sample brochure.
  • I could deliver an opening or closing keynote at your conference or meeting
  • A meeting to discuss future opportunities?

Perhaps there are other opportunities you have thought of? I would love to discuss them further. Just drop me a note or give me a call. (416) 691-21648.

Tim Paulsen