Last Summer, my wife and I discovered a British television series, “New Tricks” which dramatized the work of the UCOS (Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad). The group is led by Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman who must manage/supervise/herd and it seemed on occasion, baby-sit, three previously retired police officers. (Old Dogs – New Tricks, eh?)

Fictional, so you know most cases are solved favorably at the end, and there is use of DNA and other forensic alternatives they may not have had years before, but the old cases are often solved by good police work from clever and dedicated, albeit quirky, detectives.

Could the same creativity work with some of your old accounts? Is it worth considering setting up your own UCO$ – Uncollected Outstanding Dollars? I happen to know several individuals who have retired and taken a lot of experience with them. Perhaps they could not manage a full day and certainly not a full week, but I am certain they could contribute a lot for one day a week or perhaps two half days. Could teach a few ‘old tricks’ to some of your new team, eh?