image of 'duke' john waye

“The Duke”, John Wayne

Taking a walk this morning I saw on the notice board of a church on Woodbine Avenue that Duke Vipperman is the name of their pastor. How cool is that? Sounds more like a gunslinger, a sheriff or marshal from the old West, doesn’t it? I couldn’t help but thinking, “what a great name for a collector!”

After all, a debtor pays more attention to a message left from Duke Vipperman about an important matter than the same from Dale Touey. Apologies to the Dale’s and Touey’s out there – but the Duke just carries more weight.

Some of us have the field tilted to our advantage. Michelle Dunn owned her own agency and has written a number of excellent books on the subject. How about his one, Tracey Skipp has been active in the forum for credit and collection professionals for a number of years. One would almost pay to have a name like that in our business!

Some of you folks out there know some great and perhaps a few ineffective names from years gone by. Please post to share them with us – only rule is “real names only, please”.

Pithy Quote:

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
…John Wayne (a.k.a. “The Duke”