Are you at your best with all contacts you have with customers every day?


Odds are your mood affects the words you use when trying to convince or motivate a client. But, do you want your success governed by how you feel?

What is your very best pitch, word for word? If it is the very best it can be it should be used all the time, no exception – until you have something better.

Here is an example that might be used after a basic introduction, short for a consumer call and somewhat longer for commercial:

“Will you please mail me a cheque today for $XX?”

Only ten words – but powerful:

  • ‘Will’ rather than can. I want them thinking about a solid commitment
  • ‘Please’ – Nothing wrong with please and thank you, no reason to not be polite, but we don’t beg for the money
  • ‘Mail’ is specific. We think in pictures and this puts one in the debtor’s mind. If I don’t want it in the mail, I’ll be asking for delivery, pick up, etc.
  • ‘Cheque’. Once again specific. I may want options of credit card payments for consumer and some commercial accounts.
  • ‘Today’ a sense of urgency
  • ‘$XX’.  The full amount due. I’m not looking for just a ‘payment’.  If we negotiate, we will do so based on the full amount, not a partial payment.

Would you like to hear a sample?

Over the years, I have honed a specific message that I leave to my potential clients. Send me an email with your telephone number and I will leave you a message in the off hours. I think you’ll be impressed.

Pithy Quote:

There are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune.
Thomas Carlyle