If you think webinars suck, you are right. But, there is a catch.

We have learned many lessons during this challenging time of COVID—19. Included is that social distancing is not the same as physical distancing, your Aunt Mildred might have been right about buying a few extra rolls of toilet paper, not touching someone with a six-foot pole takes on a new meaning and remote working webinars and e-learning may be efficient, but effective? Not so much.

The savings and safety improvements of training seminars on platforms like Zoom, VS a classroom or training room are tremendous. However, the effectiveness gap between webinars and a live classroom is wide, with many benefits to students or a group interacting face to face with a teacher/instructor and themselves.

Yet the gap is wider between webinars or virtual workshops and whatever may be in third place. Books? Videos that are non interactive?

Granted, I am in the training business, but I believe you will agree that none of us can afford not to have our teams trained in the most effective techniques. They must get very good and stay that way. Nobody, especially now, can afford to cut back on training.

Close the Gap:

  1. In-house or ‘live’ training is the most effective. Perhaps we can’t safely deliver a program this week or next, and there will be differences depending on location, but we should all be working on the safest, most-effective delivery in the near future.
  2. Webinars Virtual Workshops: What is the difference between a webinar and a Virtual Workshop? Probably about $50 per person. A lot of people expect webinars to be free and many of them are, with attempts to sell additional programs or materials in the future.You tend to get what you pay for in on-line training as well as in life. Expect and demand a great program – one that you are happily willing to invest a few bucks per person.

    There are many of us in the training business willing to deliver on-line, we don’t have much in the way of alternatives – but be much more selective and demanding. Get a sample and have the material tailored to fit your needs.

    It is never a good idea to spend too much on a product or training. Yet, it is often worse to spend too little. Overspend and you lose a few dollars. Too little invested and you lose the money, but also, more importantly, don’t get what you want and need.

Okay, that’s my rant, and I suppose a sales pitch in a way. If I can help in any way with your Virtual Workshop, tailored for your team, please let me know.

When live training is not availble
a ‘great’ Virtual Program is way ahead of third place!