image too shortIn my early years, I was involved in various construction jobs with my brick builder father, so it isn’t as though I haven’t heard the sage advice before.

It is better to take the time to measure more than once because once you make your cut, that’s it. This was brought home to me again just yesterday as I was on my knees, red-faced, finishing laying new tile in the bathroom. The last tile was cut too short.

It isn’t too bad of course cut too long, but no, it was too short and yes, I had only taken the measurement once. Not just the waste of a single tile, I had to make (yet) another trip to Home Depot.

The same concept applies to our most important collection calls. Pre-call planning is important, including determining the objective BEFORE you start the call. State the objective in your mind again, before your client has the chance to answer the telephone. It is even a better idea to have it written down in front of you.

It is a good habit that will save many of us having to make the trip once again – back to the customer.

Interested in a pre-call collection checklist? Just send me an email and I’ll send your free copy.

Pithy Quote:
“Treat your collection call like a parachute jump: no second chances if you don’t get it right the first time.”
…Tim Paulsen