The Marty McFly Method

Back to the Future? 

In my latest program, “Zen and the Art of Accounts Receivable Management”, I named one of the techniques after the main character in the film, ‘Back to the Future’. 

Some of you have made hundreds of collection calls and I expect a few of you, many more. Despite your experience, when you place your next call, make it as though it was your very first collection call – ever!

What will happen? You will have to focus, be mindful, avoid distractions. (Remember how you never had the radio on when you were learning how to drive?) When improved concentration is added to your experience, you can’t help but think more clearly, understand the other side better, and feel calmer and more in control. 

Sound pretty good? I think so too, but it’s a busy world out there and we get distracted easily. You will need to work at it, perhaps set your ‘Marty McFly’ alarm for once each day. The benefits? Cool, calm and collected.


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P.S. Not just collections! I will be adding the Marty McFly Method to the next revision of my book, “Sex, Lies & Negotiation Techniques”. Make like it is the first time, focus, avoid all distractions, no thoughts of other work to be done, meals to be made, meetings to attend, multiplication tables. Really see what the other side wants and deliver with enthusiasm. Do it right and you may become that most sought after and rare sex partner, ‘the experienced virgin’. Try it next time. Maybe tonight?

You’re welcome.