The Fretzin Strategy:

A couple of days ago, I presented a keynote in Chicago and the speaker just before me was Steve Fretzin, the author “Sales without Selling”.

It has always been my contention that many of the best sales techniques can be adapted to fit accounts receivable.

Steve talked about the customer who wants to know, ‘too soon’ the price. He not only recommended the following, he encouraged us to ‘steal ‘it and use:

“Carol, that is not something we care to do, providing a ‘price without knowing more about your organization and what you want to achieve. It would be getting a prescription before diagnosis, which I’m sure you would agree is malpractice.”


dr bill trans small

How could we adapt? A customer calls up and offers a settlement or a payment plan, ‘too soon’.

“Mr. Staples, while I appreciate your call and offer to settle your account, I’m afraid it is not something we do, without more information. I’m sure you feel the same as us, it would be like accepting a prescription from a doctor who hasn’t asked any questions, performed a diagnosis. It would simply be malpractice. Is right now a convenient time to ask a few questions?”