Illustration for program, perhaps e-book, “The Reluctant Collector”.

Summary: When his firm merges with another, a business man is either out of a job, or he is obliged to take a position in Accounts Receivable. He has the image, as most people do, or angry people, standing on top of their desk, hollering and abusing customers in order to get paid. “How,” he asks himself, “will I tell my wife and kids that I’m a collector? Even worse, what about my mother-in-law?”

Sitting on the curb, perhaps a bench, he hears, “You, my friend, look as though you could do with a cool glass of lemonade.”

He looks up to see a man standing behind a lemonade stand, one he does not remember seeing when he sat down, but should have noticed because it is unlike any lemonade stand he has ever seen.

(The image of the lemonade stand will be colourful and unique, like the one pictured here. Standing behind it is an older, gray haired man, (based on my photo).

In the program/story, the man will explain the value to his firm of receivables in addition to, “If you can handle accounts receivable, you can do just about anything in your organization. After all, you’re trying to convince someone to do something, for the most part they don’t want to do – and like it. That is a valuable skill to possess.” 

On the blackboard, it says, “First glass free, second glass is negotiable.”

During other visits to the lemonade stand, the man learns valuable communication techniques that he writes down on one of the napkins supplied at the stand.

Later, quite successful in collections and more, the man may try to find the lemonade stand again – but never does. May end the book where he finds an area and shares his own story of “If someone gives you a lemon, you can make lemonade…or you can create a great drink of lemonade!”