‘Great knockers!’

image from movie Young Frankenstein

Some of you may recall the line from Mel Brook’s movie “Young Frankenstein”. Soon after arriving at the castle in Transylvania, Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) turns to the lovely Inga and says, ‘Great knockers!’

Inga said, ‘Thank you, Doktor’. But, Gene Wilder nods at the huge door knockers on the door of the castle and said, ‘I was talking about them’.

‘Great knockers’ was my reaction and my words to Dave Hopkyns of MetCredit when I spoke at a conference a couple of weeks back and saw a very clever sales and marketing tool his firm developed.


Looking like a kidnap note with the words cut out of a magazine, “You’ll never see your money again!” On the reverse side, they provide the closer to standard information, based around ‘Don’t let debt hold your business hostage.’

You may have a great product and service, as the good folks at MetCredit do, but you still need to get your customer’s attention.

For accounts receivable, I am not suggesting a variation of a kidnap note to your debtors, but the challenges is still to get their attention.  ‘No money,’ some of them say. Not true, or at least rare. They have money, they are just going to pay someone else or spend it on something else unless you get their attention and prove why it is in their interest to have you on top of the list.

You can’t use your eloquence if you don’t have their attention.

If you find you are still unsuccessful, you may want to check out our new BEAR (Best Ever Accounts Receivable) program or give Dave and his team at MetCredit a call.

Pithy Quote of the Month: 

‘Opportunity does not knock twice.’
…Gloria Estefan