Accounts Receivable Techniques

The keynote will be tailored to your audience of new, seasoned or any combination. 

Sex, Lies and Negotiation Techniques

Don’t worry, there isn’t much about sex. Tim’s wife told him to stick with subjects he new something about.

The objective is not to discover more lies, but to better discern the truth. Negotiations? It isn’t if you negotiate but when.

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How Would Confucius Collect a Past Due Invoice? How about Donald Trump?

Imagined interesting and fun techniques from captains of the industry and privates in the war on debtor amnesia.

How about Sigmund Freud? What about Jesus of Nazareth?

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The Reluctant Collector

When someone hands you a lemon, you can do much, much better than just make lemonade!

A keynote for Sales, Customer Service or ‘others’ who wear the collection hat ‘as required’.

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