The horror/thrller movie JAWS was a summer blockbuster in 1975.     The scene when the shark nearly gets Chief Brody, without the benefit of the previous ‘shark is coming music score’ is listed as one of the 100 scariest movie moments.

Do you remember Chief Brody (ably played by actor Roy Schneider) stepping back, cigarette dropping from his mouth and saying, “we’re going to need a bigger boat”.

You are not going to convince an accounts payable rep to pay you against their company policy or instructions from their boss or company owner. Sometimes, you need a bigger boat.

Get all the information you need from them and if you don’t have the title and experience, bring in your own Richard Dreyfuss (shark expert in the movie) to join your team. It may be that you need your Director of Sales, Controller, Vice-President of Finance or even
C.E.O. to help out.

Pithy Quote of the Month:

He who burns his bridges better be a damn good swimmer. 
~Author Unknown