It is business!

The content of your letters and email to your customers DOES NOT MATTER…
…unless you deal with the format first.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to read what you write in business. It is not a love letter or one written by your cousin Henry who has been travelling the world for the last six months, where a short letter could cause hurt feelings.

Believe me, nobody has their feelings hurt when they read a short business letter.

A lot of instructors send back a post-it note with the initials TLTR (Too Long to Read). They couldn’t even take the time to fully write it out!

It was always difficult to keep a customer’s attention but it’s becoming even more of a challenge with generations who say, “if you wanna’ communicate with me, keep it short”. Mind you, they don’t say that if it isn’t short – they just don’t bother to read it at all.

Here’s two tips that will help from my upcoming book, The Reluctant Collector

  • No more than 22 words in a sentence
  • One or two sentences ONLY in a paragraph

You are going to force white space into your letters. They look and they are – easier to read. I could go on, but best I practise what I preach, eh?