Is it just me? I don’t get it!

There are companies out there using email templates based on an original design for letters. E-mail is not just a letter sent electronically.

If that wasn’t bad enough, those original letters were written by a guy long since retired. Heck, he’s probably been dead for quite a few years. When he wrote them, old style, he used words and phrases we would never say to anybody face to face.

What is this, the seventies?

We’ve got receivables staff whose only training was sitting next to ‘old & mean’ Bertha for a few days, calling our customers to work out payment arrangements.

Crazy? Our largest liquid asset after cash and we have people who think the objective of collections is to collect the money. (It isn’t.)

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Quick tip to improve your e-mail. No more than 2 sentences to a paragraph. Get more whites space into your e-mail. It looks, and is, easier to read.



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