Are your emails and messages being ignored? Do you think a stick or two of dynamite would get their attention?

Never do anything illegal or immoral, nothing that goes against your personal values when you are collecting a past due account. Some humour can help, with the right customers. Not sure? Check with your legal team and adjust accordingly. 

Here is an email that ‘might’ be effective. 

Danger! Potential explosive situation

Several emails have been sent and I have left more than one message to call
me about  your past due account.

Please don’t get me wrong. We are not tossing any dynamite, physically or metaphorically. Yet the potential of an explosive situation with your credit rating and future ability for credit purchases is at risk.

You have the ability to snuff out the fuse and we would like to help. We can do it together.

Please respond to this email or call me at (416) 555-2648.

Kurt Nodd
Receivables Manager
Nordic Frabistat


A good teacher, like a good entertainer or a receivables expert, must first get the attention of the audience. Then and only then, can he or she deliver the lesson.

Tim Paulsen

Founder and Managing Partner, International Centre for Professional Collections