Who’s on first?

Hats off to your Debtors!

In almost any professional baseball game, you will see a player remove their hat and stare inside for a few seconds. If they are an outfielder, they may see notes on where to play the field for a particular batter. If a pitcher, in this case, C.C. Sabathia for the New York Yankees, there may be a tip that a particular batter is susceptible to a change-up when there’s a full count.

You get the idea.

Any slight edge in professional sports can have a huge return. The very same idea will help in our profession when there is a lot of competition for the funds a debtor has for payment.

Even just asking the question, ‘what is more likely to work’, ‘what isn’t so good’, with the next call of contact can result in the right pitch, fielding position at the right time. Mind you, better to take notes and keep them hand for when needed.

But hey, why not have some fun! Get a hat from your favourite team, put the notes on the inside of the cap and go for your own Cy Young award or gold glove.


Pithy Quote of the Month:


“Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.?”
…Babe Ruth

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