Overcoming Excuses

To succeed, indeed to survive in accounts receivable management, we need to help our clients and customers overcome excuses and delays for full payment of their account or invoice.

Almost as important as experience and training are the tools available to help all of us, not matter how many years or even days working in the field of debt management.

Three products to choose from. Each is the best in its field and one is the best for you and your team.

The Manual Excuse Terminator:

This is an excellent product when you may have a lot on your screen or perhaps little or no access to the internet or even a computer.

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$20 plus $5 shipping (Canada and United States only).


Excuse Terminator – Software
(SAGE – Solving Answers, Generalizations and Excuses)

This unique product may run on a single computer or on a server and accessed by your team of collectors.
Choose from commercial or consumer collections and once received, users can edit the information, tailoring it for your organization.

If this sounds great…it is, and this product has its own page including a sample video.


On-line Excuse Terminator:

Our newest product and for many of you, the best value.

Don’t worry about installation on your computer or your server. Access your own collection coach – online – with excuses and techniques  updated every month.

Your investment is only $25 for a six month period. That is only about $1.25 per day.

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