The SAGE Excuse Terminator(C)

Software to help you overcome excuses
for non or delayed payment
– all of them!

Best questions for 95% of excuses

plus…all information is fully editable by you!

  • The cheque needs to be signed.
  • We didn’t receive your invoice.
  • Our customers haven’t paid us.
  • Out of work (consumer)
  • Vacation.

The list goes on. A valid excuse? Sure, sometimes we did not send an invoice or there was a problem with delivery. But, real or imagined, we still need to resolve the ‘excuse’ for non-payment.

Too often, we hang up the telephone and remember a question we should have asked. Never again!



Excuse Termination Software*

*(be sure to watch the video below)

Consumer and commercial files with many excuse you can edit, delete and add new ones for your business.


Best product to help overcome excuses!

  • Separate files for consumer and commercial excuses.
  • You may edit ALL of the information, add and delete excuses
  • Password protected (you control)
  • Simple program, runs in Microsoft Windows
  • Set up on a server and have all of your team singing from the same choir book

$25 per user  –  Information and order

Watch the video below to see it in action!