Donald Trump is Your Email Audience!

When you ‘picture’ your email audience, it is a good idea to have ‘The Donald’ in mind for a few reasons.

1.) Your audience has little, if any interest in reading your email.

2.) If you are trying to convince, motivate, otherwise influence, you better make it about your audience. Don’t start any of your paragraphs with “I” or “We”.

3.) Keep it simple. No word of more than three syllables unless a technical word you ‘must use’.

4.) Unless it is a love letter, like those described as sent by a North Korean dictator, keep your letter to one page or the equivalent on email.

5.) Your audience will not read your email unless the subject line is of interest. Better make it good, but don’t lie. (Insert your own joke here.)

Lest you think this article is disparaging about the 45th president, it is not. It is about YOUR audience. You may have noticed that the recommendations deal with format, before content.

Once you have assurance your email will be read, you can write the content.

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