Some say e-mail is on the way out, but it is the Jason Bourne of online: somebody’s always trying to kill it. It can’t be done.

image accounts receivable trainingThere will continue to be a noticeable shift to communicating and collecting more with email than telephone calls. There are challenges, particularly in the consumer fields of debt collections, but you just can’t beat the speed and the new generation’s demand more email (and text) if you want to communicate at all.

Recently, I listened in on a great webinar with Geoffrey James. More on him and his contact information later. He gave us some great tips for a sales email and let’s face it: effective collections – is trying to make a sale. We need to get their attention, we have to give them a reason to do something and of course, we need a call to action (ask for the money).

The highlights:

  • The shorter your subject line the better. One or two words is best.
  • The subject line and first few words of the email may determine if it is opened, filed, or deleted. Give ‘em a benefit, reason to read more
  • Kill any jargon and don’t use “Dear”
  • What’s in it for them?
  • Give ‘em a call to action at the end, keep it simple

Geoff also gave a great tip when scripting an excellent e-mail. It is often better to start with the close and work your way back.

You will find your emails more effective from following these simple tips, but do yourself a favor and scope out Geoff’s site for even more tips.