This new book reads more like a novel than a standard ‘how to’ for receivables management. Tim has come up with a new approach to learning, provides incredible insight as he makes a passionate call for an understanding of what works. 

Ken Young CCP., CCP Emeritus.

Make lemonade? 

You have another option, a better one, when someone hands you a lemon.

Make the best lemonade…ever!

Kevin Hobbs did just that. He was given a choice (some choice, he thought at the time) of a position in Accounts Receivable or completely losing his job with no severance package. On the way to his new location, he shares some of his story with the manager of a lemonade stand.  He hears two words that changes his life.

Lucky you!

Over several months of ‘lemonade & learn’ sessions, Kevin is taught:

  • Collecting money is not the real objective of collections.
  • The content of dunning letters and emails does not matter.
  • Why negotiations should always be a second choice but if selected, how
    to take free lessons from the best in the world when following that option.
  • How ‘F.U.’ could be the most important two letters in receivables management
    …and more.


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Who is a reluctant collector? 

Just about everyone who works in the receivables department. We’ve been through the high school and college year books and yet to see anyone who says that when they finish school, they want to work in a collection department. Everyone ‘falls’ into the position in one way or another.

Someone goes on maternity leave and they ask ‘Doris’ from reception to fill in for a couple of months. Bob gets transferred from customer service because someone thinks his ‘harsh’ attitude may be an attribute ‘elsewhere’. William? He applied for a job in Accounts Receivable, thinking he was going to be trained as an accountant. 

You may be reluctant through different circumstances, but it is always a choice to ‘get by’ or to ‘thrive’. If you prefer the latter, join Kevin Hobbs and learn along with him, strategies and communication techniques. 

Reluctant no more? Perhaps you decide to pursue another career, there may be a better opportunity and ‘collections’ is not for everyone. Think of the skill you can take with you. The ability to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do – and like it – will be a valuable skill in any profession.

Could the folks in your company or conference do with a cool glass of lemonade? 

Our lemonade stand is portable. Click here for brochure. Reluctant 2219


Want to thrive rather than survive!

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“When someone hands me a lemon, I will squeeze it and make the best lemonade – ever!”

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