Products to help overcome excuses:

  • The cheque needs to be signed.
  • We didn’t receive your invoice.
  • Our customers haven’t paid us.
  • Out of work (consumer)
  • Vacation.

The list goes on. A valid excuse? Sure, sometimes we did not send an invoice or there was a problem with delivery. But, real or imagined, we still need to resolve the ‘excuse’ for non-payment. 

Too often, we hang up the telephone and remember a question we should have asked. Never again!




We don’t recommend ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to brain surgery, but it is the best way to develop an excuse terminator for you and your team. Our three products are designed to help with just the information, a booklet to sit on your desk or a software program where you can tailor all of the information to ensure everyone is singing from the same hymnbook. 

Shout out to seasoned collectors:

You may not see the value in having such a product on your desk or up on your computer screen. After all, you have been doing this for some time now, have the t-shirt and the video. Respectfully, you are missing the point. The simple process of listing your top ten excuses and then the best (perfect) questions to use – even if you never refer to them during a collection call – will help produce amazing results. If the questions we have listed can be improved on for your organisation, do so. 

If you don’t, your competitors may be doing so and before long, they’ll be eating your lunch. 




Option One – Simple, inexpensive, effective

Order and download a PDF file with typical excuses and the best questions. 


$10.00  Information and order 

Option Two – Booklet*

Information in an easy access format, sits on your desk. 

Only $15.00  Information and order 

Tax added where applicable and $5 shipping

* Available in Canada and U.S. only




Option Three – Excuse Termination Software

Consumer and commercial files with many excuse you can edit, delete and add new ones for your business. 


Best product to help overcome excuses!

  • Separate files for consumer and commercial excuses.
  • You may edit ALL of the information, add and delete excuses
  • Password protected (you control)
  • Simple program, runs in Microsoft Windows
  • Set up on a server and have all of your team singing from the same choir book

$25 per user  –  Information and order 

Watch the video below to see it in action!