A client I was working with recently was using a technique well known and used by many of us over the years.

“Until we have your account brought up to date, your future orders may be placed on hold.”

However, for most of my clients, the objective is not “collections” but to create and maintain a customer. While that does include bringing an account to a current status, it also demands the focus on present and future sales. After all, if we collect, but the customer does not want to deal with us again, or they do so with a bitter taste in their mouth, it is not effective collections.

“Bob, I’m calling you today about expediting the sales process for your firm. I noticed an order received a couple of days ago but our system may throw a blocker due to an outstanding invoice that has just hit the 45 day mark. Can you help me clear that up today so I may expedite the sale?”

Some may say it is semantics and I am sure they could argue that point – but not successfully. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and go ‘walk about’ for a moment. Which one would you prefer to hear if you were the customer? Me too.

So, there is a new job title I suggest you add to your business card: Sales Expediter

The Stick…


The carrot?

Pithy Saying of the Month:

“People don’t change their behaviour unless it makes a difference for them to do so.”
Fran Tarkenton