If they have a business card, most of the folks I know in our profession have the title of “Accounts Receivable Representative”.

A very few will list themselves as a “debt collector”.

business card

A young woman came to one of my seminars some years back from St. Catharines where she was an accounts payable/accounts receivable clerk with her firm. In less than ten days from attending my program, she was Vice-President of Finance in the same organization!

Am I good or what?

Well, it helps that her father was the owner of the firm and even more important, only her and her dad worked there.

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet but one can be a lot more effective as a V.P. than an A.P when calling a past due account.

What’s in your wallet?

My recommendation is to never waste the other side of a business card. Why not have some fun with ‘TOS’ (the other side).

Here are some additional job titles to consider:

Professional Onion Peeler:

What happens when you remove a layer from an onion? That’s right, there’s another layer.

Resolve one excuse from a debtor and what will you often hear? Another excuse that we continually peel back until we get to the ‘real reason’ for non or delayed payment.
Left Tackle:

As told in the movie “The Blind Side”, the highest paid member of a football team is often the quarter back, followed by the left tackle. It is the latter’s job to protect the quarter back.

“Any housewife will tell you, first you pay your mortgage, and then you pay your insurance.” (Once again – from the movie with Sandra Bullock.)

Sales Closer:

Some of us say we don’t perform collections, that’s for lawyers and third parties, we’re just completing the terms of the sale.

Speaking of fun…wanna play?

1.   Get yourself a bit creative and tim@incprocollect.com potential job titles to me. I’ll take care of the rest.

2.   I’ll publish all of those received by April 4th in the next newsletter. (Nothing risqué or demeaning.)

3.   Selections of ‘the best’, chosen by me to be on a business card. If we use one of your submissions, I’ll send you a package of ten business cards – you provide information for the ‘boring side’, all fun and great job titles on the other.

Pithy Quote:

It’s good to have a title that’s not just one word. If you’re gonna title it, you might as well try and say something.
…Damien Hurst